There are a number of different tools available for Getty Images affiliates, all designed to increase your conversion rates and help get great content onto your site:


Both Getty Images and iStock have an API available which allows you to integrate our content onto your site. For more information please contact the team direct at

Coupons & Promotions

Getty Images and iStock offers regular coupons and promotions to all affiliates. Vanity coupon codes and exclusive offers are available to select affiliates based on performance.

Global Reach

The Getty brands are well equipped to handle international traffic with both Getty Images and iStock available in over 10 languages. Our tracking platform, Impact Radius, allows us to pay out in any currency and offer our tools (banners, text links) in multiple languages.

Additional Promotional Methods

We also allow affiliates to promote via email marketing and social media. An assortment of banners, creative elements and custom co-branded landing pages are available for you to help promote us.